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Hiyoshi Wakashi
10 August 2011 @ 03:14 pm
[screened to Seven Lines]

I'm going to have my phone turned off for a while, because the calls never stop coming.

And I'm going to the dojo. I need to release some stress. Idiot nii-san.
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Hiyoshi Wakashi
29 July 2011 @ 06:59 pm
Nii-san calls all the time since he got me Kujo. Ah, that's the goldfish that he got me.

He use Kujo as an excuse to call, I believe.

That, or he just wants to be annoying.

I believe that's the case, really....

Why else'd he call when I'm busy reading?
Every time, too.

It's as if he knows when I am.

....he haven't installed hidden cameras or anything in my room, right?


Maybe... I should look around and see if he has...
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Hiyoshi Wakashi
06 July 2011 @ 12:28 am
I dont' know why, but for some reason, Nii-san gave me a goldfish... All randomly... A fish... Why a fish...?
...I guess it needs a name, though....

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Hiyoshi Wakashi
12 June 2011 @ 05:25 pm
I went to a meeting about Bokusora's release, and after that, we - me, Sato-chan, Takuya-san and Yuuta - went out for dinner.
It feels as if it's been long since I saw them, but it's not that long ago we finished recording, now that I think agout it. It was nice seeing them, though. Even though we didn't work together that long, they're great people and I would like to work with them again.

Bokusora will premiere next week on Thursday evening, the 16th at 19;00. There will be an after-event as well.
Come watch it if you have the time to.

[screened from fans]

I mentioned voicing a Ayakashi. It'll be in one of the earlier episodes. With a different kind of attack....
It was appparently decided that Sohma Keisuke-san is going to be Genta. I think he will be able to play him better than me...
Sohma-san, I'll Gekokujou you one day, but not this time.

[[ooc: strikes deleted. The Ayakashi Hiyoshi'll be is called Zuboshimeshi (the badmouthing one), and appears in episode 6. If anyone of the muses go to the premiere of Bokusora and see the aftertalk  etc, you're free to write about the dorkyness of the boys on stage or thoughts about the movie etc.]] 
Hiyoshi Wakashi
30 May 2011 @ 04:32 pm
[screened to SevenLines]

Fuji-san has already mentioned that there was a castmeeting a little while ago. Everyone seem to be great actors, too. And reading more about Genta's character... I... doubt I can do this... I had a conversation with the ones in charge... uhm.. Well... Genta is so... alsays smiling and I'm not very good at being boke, either.... 
So the thing is, I'm not going to play him anymore. I tried acting out his personality, but it's just.... impossible to me.
Since it hadn't been announced to fans or anything much, it was alright for me to do this. However, it appears as if I'm going to voice someone of the future Ayakashi.... I don't know which one yet, though..

[[ooc: strikes are deleted. Also, Hiyoshi and I had a fight about this... >_> We came up with a compromise, as you can see. He agreed with being a for him challenging Ayakashi. We just have to decide which one.
Hiyoshi Wakashi
05 May 2011 @ 09:10 pm
Happy birthday, Akutagawa-san.

[screened to seven lines]

....I have no idea how it happened, but... it appears I will be playing as Genta... ∑(O_O;)
And he's... so... different.... from me....
I even auditioned for another character...

[[ooc: and Hiyoshi has gotten Jirou a small Strawberry cake. He didn't write any name on the card of birthday-wishes he added, but he can't forge another persons handwriting, so Jirou'll probably figure out it was him.  And the role of Genta for himself, though he did audition for Chiaki. It's so much more amusing like this. *is killed by Piyo*]]
Hiyoshi Wakashi
01 May 2011 @ 10:31 am
Here's the trailer for Bokusora, for those who are interested. As I've mentioned, I play Osamu.

Since the recording for Bokusora is finished and it'll be released soon, I was sent to some auditions.
I didn't expect to meet Fuji-san at one of them. Hn.
Hiyoshi Wakashi
25 April 2011 @ 04:27 pm
(10 points post)

I'm in a movie called Bokura ha Ano Sora no Shita de, shortened to Bokusora. I play a person called Osamu.

I can't link to any trailer or anything yet, so one of the promotinal pictures that is to be released later today will do.

The movie don't have a set release-date yet, but when they have informed us of it, I will write about it.

It's been.. interesting. To record it, I mean. And to play Osamu.
It's been a completely new experience to me, and it's been interesting.
We're five in the main cast. I'm one of the two leads, along with Yuuta.
I've learned a lot from the other actors, too.
Hiyoshi Wakashi
21 April 2011 @ 10:14 pm
The day after tomorrow, the 23, is the World Book Day, if anyone's interested.
The library half an hour away has events and stuff.
Just saying.

Some people should read more, for example.

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Hiyoshi Wakashi
15 April 2011 @ 09:27 am
They did stuff to my hair before we started recording. 

It feels weird...

But since it's because of work, I suppose I don't get anything to say about it anyway...

[[ooc: strikes deleted.]]